The whole idea behind and inspiration for this Il Mio Gin, comes from Italy and after been travelling to Italy for many years.  “The fragrance is like a warm summer day in the Tuscany countryside”.

The Italian inspiration is expressed by using juniper berries together with a number of typical Italian botanicals such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, coriander and olive leaves. This gives the spicy flavor that finally passes over in a soft and round taste thanks to citrus and orange peel and vanilla.

A different, amazing Italian-inspired taste.

Il Mio Gin is produced in Denmark and distilled of one the best manufacturers. We have collaborated with Nordisk Braenderi who physically produces the gin. Our Il Mio Gin is made by hand in a small batch copper boiler, and bottled by hand.

The small series and batches provide "juice and power" from each individual botanicals which is used to make this gin.

Each bottle is numbered, which means that each bottle is unique.

The bottle containing Il Mio Gin is in a simple rustic style.

Just as the expression of the food in Italy. It looks simple and rustic but tastes fantastic.

Il Mio Gin tastes amazing.

¨From Italy to Denmark

with Love.¨

On the Danish northwest coast right next to Svinkløv and the famous Svinkløv Hotel, René found Anders working at his copper boiler. It is, however, not just a distillery – it is one of the best distilleries in Denmark and characterised by Anders’ sense for quality and his warm-hearted personality. Like René, Anders has travelled a lot around the world, and hence, he could easily understand René’s visions and ideas of making a Gin that reflects the sum of all his Italian adventures and journeys.

Il Mio Gin

Danish Gin

Danish Handcrafted and Small Batch Gin in Denmark. 

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