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Il Mio Gin

With passion comes greatness. Il Mio Gin is a mix of traditional English Gin with a new modern twist. It has taken a long time to find the perfect combination of classic Italian herbs, other botanicals, the traditional juniper and citrus fruits to create the perfect new gin flavour.

Il Mio Gin is Italian-inspired, but is with lovingly created and hand-distilled in Denmark in one the finest copper destiller.


Il Mio Gin

Gin filled with fresh herbs and spices


Shops / Denmark:



vin & vin (Aalborg)

Bar Plata (Århus)

Hjerter dame (Aalborg)

St. Michaelsberg (Viborg)

Mundgodt (Nibe)

Jernkroen (Nibe)

Restaurant Paprika (Aalborg)

Bar Røv (Aalborg)

Andrupvin (Esbjerg)

Bisgaard vin (Støvring)

Wildebeest Gastropub (Aalborg)

Vinspecialisten Skagen (Skagen)

Revel (Århus)

Vin & VIn (Haderslev)

Brinkmann vinimport (Aalborg)

Vin for dig (Brørup)



Blom's vin handel (Svendborg)

Rahbek&Læssøe (Odense)



Borgstrøm Vinhandel (Greve)

vin & vin (Greve)

Backe Vin (Helsingør)








Il Mio Gin Glass

Il Mio Gin glass with stalk and foot

and handmade Il Mio Gin logo

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Old Tom

Our Old Tom Gin, the first to be produced in Denmark

Il Mio Gin

Il Mio Gin reflects a great love and passion for Italy. We have combined Italian herbs and other botanicals with the traditional gin making techniques.

When you open a bottle of Il Mio Gin the first note is the savory smell of traditional juniper. With the first sip comes an aromatic flavour of rosemary and thyme, ending with sweetness from orange and lemon peel.


Il Mio Gin is available in limited quantities in an "Oak" edition where the original Il Mio Gin is stored for 4 months on Canadian Oak. After 4 months on oak tree, it gives a completely different taste of Il Mio Gin. Il Mio Gin Oak's oak-shaped layer has colour and is golden.

Il Mio Gin Old Tom

The Il Mio Gin Old Tom is inspired of London, the port of London and the Thames. All in all, - England.

The many stays in London and the rest of England have created an understanding of why the English loves gin and why gin is so much part of their culture. Once there was produced 6 times more gin than beer in England. Our Il Mio Old Tom “London” Gin is inspired by today's London and the many wonderful experiences in this international metropolis and the fact that London is a place that is a melting-point of diverse impressions. All is gatned in Il Mio Gin Old Tom.

This “London” Old Tom Gin is the first Old Tom Gin to be produced in Denmark.

Il Mio Gin Old Tom is produced with the sugar added as it happened first time in London in the 1850s and is a completely different gin.




Il Mio Gin

Danish Gin


Danish Handcrafted and Small Batch Gin in Denmark.

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