Behind Il Mio Gin



Il Mio Gin



Il Mio Gin reflects a great love and passion for Italy. We have combined Italian herbs and other botanicals with our traditional gin making techniques.


Il Mio Gin


When you open a bottle of Il Mio Gin the first note is the savory smell of traditional juniper. With the first sip comes a aromatic flavor of rosemary and thyme, ending with sweetness from orange and lemon peel.

Behind the product


Il Mio Gin

With passion, comes greatness. Il Mio Gin is a mix of traditional English Gin with a new modern twist. It has taken a long time for us to find the perfect combination of classic Italian herbs, other botanicals, traditional juniper and citrus fruits to create the perfect new gin flavor.

Il Mio Gin is Italian influenced, but is lovingly created and hand-distilled in Denmark at the finest Copperdestiller.