Il Mio Gin is inspired by René’s many journeys to Italy throughout the years. However, Italy will still be visited several times a year, and gives the inspiration from the landscape, the colours and the fragrances on a warm summer day in Tuscany


Il Mio Gin has made an Old Tom Gin, inspired by old London, the harbor and the Thames. The first Old Tom Gin was made in London. London is a "mecca" for people who like gin. In London there are many gin bares. On a lovely extended weekend in London you should visit some of these places and give yourself the experience to taste some of the many types of gins found in these gin bares.


Inspiration for all the Il Mio Gin products, are wonderful personal experiences and "pictures".

Il Mio Gin

Il Mio Gin reflects a great love and passion for Italy. We have combined Italian herbs and other botanicals with our traditional gin making techniques.


Il Mio Gin

When you open a bottle of Il Mio Gin the first note is the savory smell of traditional juniper. With the first sip comes an aromatic flavour of rosemary and thyme, ending with sweetness from orange and lemon peel.

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One Bottle and up


Denmark: free


UK: 5 Euro


Germany: 5 Euro


Italy: 5 Euro


Belgium: 5 Euro


Nederlands: 5 Euro


France: 5 Euro


Sweden: 5 Euro


Spain: 5 Euro


Austria: 5 Euro


Il Mio Gin

It is more then just a Gin.

It is passion



Il Mio Gin:


Bronze Berlin ISC - 2017

Double Golde Medal New York - 2017



¨Il Mio er fremstillet ude hos vores gode ven Anders hos Nordisk Brænderi og det borger for kvalitet.¨


- Gastromand


Il Mio Gin

Danish Gin


Danish Handcrafted and Small Batch Gin in Denmark.

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